Easy Solutions to the Most Common Garage Door Problems

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Are you experiencing problems while operating your garage door? Fixing minor problems can be easy as long as you know what the issue is and what the source behind it is. In addition to this, understanding the mechanism of garage door and knowledge about how to troubleshoot the problems can help you to keep everything in working order so that you will not have to compromise on the safety of your home. There are plenty of garage door companies like, Nando’s Garage Door Repair which offer excellent services at very affordable rates.

Garage door opens with the help of remote but will not close, what will you do?

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There may be a low power problem or the receiver may getting weak signals and need to be replaced. Sometimes, you just need to replace the batteries to fix the issue so it is good to check the batteries first. If the batteries look fine, slowly move away the receiver to adjust the transmission and press the button of remote at the distance interval. If you are unable to control the problem when you are at distance, you should replace the receiver. It is also good to check the sensors. Sometimes the light of the sensor is blinking when the infrared sensors got malfunctioned. Find out anything which might obstruct the beam of the sensor. You may need to clean the photo lens or re-align the sensor if the problems are originated from the beam.

Closing garage door suddenly stops, reverses, and goes back up. What could be a problem?  

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There are several assumptions behind this issue. You will have to inspect the springs to find out the wear and tear damaged springs, or uneven gaps between coils. Depending on the material and type of garage door you have installed, the pulleys might need adjustment or replacement. The dry bearing may also need some sort of lubrication. Check the garage door sensor thoroughly if their light is blinking.  Make sure that garage door tracks are properly aligned and balanced. Garage door rollers might be the cause root behind the reverse actions. You should lose the screws to readjust the tracks carefully. Then retightened the screws to make it secure. If it does not work, they should be replaced.

Garage door closes suddenly upon touching the ground, what will be the problem?

If your garage door is showing troubles while opening or closing process, you will have to inspect the limit switch to determine whether it needs shifting or adjustment. However, be careful while conducting a DIY garage door repair project as it needs basic mechanical skills and the right tools to do it. If you are not confident enough about your DIY skills and not comfortable with the use of handy tools, then it is strongly recommended that hire a professional and reputed garage door technician to fix the problems for you.

Garage door gets jams, what will you do?

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It is another clear problem of obstruction on the path of the garage door. Again you will have to check the tracks of garage door which raises and lowers during garage door operations. Clean the tracks to remove accumulated grease, dust, or dirt and try to operate them again. If the garage door cleaning technique does not work, you might have to lubricate the chain and panels.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked, then it is the right time to call a professional garage door technician from a reputed and certified company to help you. It will ensure that you will get efficient and high-quality services. Although, hiring a garage door repair company will cost you more as compared to DIY projects, don’t risk it or you might end up with more damages on your automatic garage door.

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