Tips and Tricks

Make your pet a social media darling

So you wanna share to the world the awesomeness and adorableness of your pet? That’s a great idea. Here at Social Savvy Pets, we encourage you to do that in order to spread happiness and positivity.

Here are some important steps that you should follow:

  1. Set up your pet’s own account.

If you want your pet to be a star, then treat him or her like one. Create a separate account just for your pet. Do not use your own. In doing so, you can use the said account to let him/her showcase his/her’s awesomeness. Feel free to tag your friends and family and encourage them to share the account with others.

An important trick – make sure that the account name is creative and memorable. If in doubt, well just know that Grumpy Cat is the username of the most famous social media cat ever.

  1. Be Creative.

Don’t just take photos or videos of your pet. Show AMAZING stuff. What sets your pet apart from legions of other pets? Show the funny, creative and unique sides of your furry friend. Doing so will definitely set the Internet on fire.

Remember to also be creative on your captions. These are important as witty and unique captions will capture the interest of your audience. Post as many as you can. This is what will keep your furry friend interesting to netizens.

  1. Hashtags are important.

Make sure that you use unique hashtags or pet-related hashtags. Doing so will allow people to search for your beloved pet. You can try using #petsofinstagram et al. Try to check what other pet owners are using. You can copy or use your very own.

Interested in more tips? Always check back on this page for updates.